Healing Streets Events

2022 Events

Pimento Summit
2524 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Sunday, June 11, 2022 (12:30 pm – 4 pm)

Past Events

West Broadway, North MinneapolisThursday, April 22, 2021 (6 pm – 8:30 pm)
Government Center, Downtown MinneapolisThursday, April 29, 2021 (Noon – 2 pm)
Lake Street, South MinneapolisWednesday, May 5, 2021 (6 pm – 8 pm)
Eat Street, Nicollet Ave, Central MinneapolisSaturday, June 5, 2021 (11 am to 3 pm)
Pimento Summit, Eat Street, Nicollet AveSaturday, June 12, 2021 (11 am – 5 pm)
West Broadway, North MinneapolisSaturday, June 19, 2021 (Noon – 6 pm)
Brooklyn Center
2-events in Brooklyn Center in April/ May 2021

Healing Streets

will offer the following services to community members


  • Community Art installations, music, poetry, spoken word, dance, creative expression


  • A Backyard BBQ hosted by local chefs
  • Food distribution and collection – take some food home for your family


  • Mental health therapy provided by therapists
  • Massage therapy
  • Animal therapy
  • Yoga + group fitness
  • Pop-up Covid-19 vaccine sites

Self Care

  • Gift cards from local Black-owned businesses to community leaders/activists/demonstrators


  • Information on the legal system, political system, and activism
  • Information on healing resources available to help you and your family


  • An opportunity for community members to share their vision for the future
  • A healing courtyard with listening circles to share your stories and listen to others

All events are accessible. Site partners will include neighborhood associations, local businesses and business councils/associations, and community organizations.